Residential Properties

Investments in real estate can offer excellent financial opportunities and personal satisfaction, but they require careful selection and consistent, high-quality management. Management of real estate is a service industry where a myriad of daily services must be routinely provided in order to effectively address the needs of the property owner.

Primary functions of Deca Realty Company as Property Manager:

  • Achieve the objectives of the property owner
  • Generate income for the owner
  • Preserve or increase the value of the investment property

Formulating the Management Plan:

Prior to embarking on a management assignment, the professionals at Deca Realty formulate a management plan for the property. This is done after careful analysis of the market and the individual property as well as analysis of the owner's objectives. This management plan becomes the blueprint upon which the property management assignment is carried out. The ultimate goal is to provide each individual owner a management plan which fits his/her needs. In other words, some owners want to retain a large degree of input into the management of their property while others, because of lack of time or knowledge, want our professionals to handle all facets in the management of their property.

Depending on the owner's objectives the management plan may include:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Advertising & Showing
  • Tenant Relations
  • Management Reports & Tax Reports
  • Marketing & Property Promotion
  • Maintenance & Renovation
  • 24-Hour Emergency Calls & Service
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Paying Bills Including Mortgage Payments, Utility Bills and Insurance
  • Insure Proper Maintenance

Property Management Service Fees:

The fees charged for property management services are a percentage of the gross rents collected. These fees are negotiated individually with each owner based on many factors, including the location of the building, vacancy rates, and amenities offered. Also, a leasing fee is typically charged for vacant units.