an image of Colin McNeilMy interest in real estate came at a pretty young age. I was about 19 or 20 years old when I stumbled into Deca Realty, wanting to pick Steve Young’s brain about the industry. He was kind enough to give me an hour of his time.

It wasn’t until I started getting going in my career as an insurance agent down the street at Crawford-Butz and Associates and started working for Deca as a weekend Leasing Representative, that I realized how busy of a guy Steve was, how little time he had to offer, and he still gave me an hour of his time. This is a true testament of the kind of man Steve is. He and all the other Deca owners, and employees truly live out the Deca Mission statement, “Do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons, every time.”   

I have been lucky to say I have been working at Deca for the past 4 years now, on Saturdays and Sundays showing vacant properties to prospective tenants. I pushed for the job to learn the ins and outs of how Deca does business and hopefully get hired on as a full-time realtor. Events took a turn and I ended up taking a different career path. The desire to learn more about real estate never withered, and there is no better company to work for and learn from than Deca Realty.

Though, I haven’t worked for any other real estate company, I have visited a lot and worked on a lot of insurance deals with a lot of realtors and none seem to do their job better than these guys. None seem to come close to having the culture the Youngs have created within this office.

Today, I work as an insurance agent, and work for Deca on the weekends. I love working with the new young team they have brought in and created over the last 2 years. They bring out the fire and desire to learn and spread it around the office. I love the direction this company is headed, and the young talent they have brought in to compliment all the greatness already employed here.

I look forward to the future and continuing to work alongside these guys for as long as they will have me, and even beyond the years they employ me. It is safe to say Deca Realty is here stay and the name is only growing larger as the years go on. The reason for this continued growth is because they do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason, every single time.