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As a property owner, one of the first things you will do is purchase the proper insurance for your investment. For tenants, purchasing renter’s insurance is one of the last things they think of. This insurance can help protect their possessions and protect their liability in the event of an accident. Learn five benefits of renter’s insurance for tenants.

5 Reasons Tenants Don’t Purchase Renter’s Insurance
There are five main reasons a tenant does not purchase renter’s insurance.

*They Don’t Know It Exists- Many tenants don’t purchase renter’s insurance because they simply do not know it exists. They may have health insurance and car insurance, but they think insurance relating to the home is only for home owners, not renters.

*It Is Not a Priority- Other tenants may know that renter’s insurance exists, but they put off purchasing it. They focus on things they consider more important, such as health insurance, and put purchasing renter’s insurance on their to-do list. It is such a low priority that they can easily sign a lease and, before they know it, the lease is over and they have never gotten around to purchasing that low priority renter’s insurance.

*They Think They Are Covered By Your Policy- Other tenants fail to purchase renter’s insurance because they believe they are covered under the building’s insurance policy. This is not the case. If the tenant does not have insurance and there is a fire at the property, for example, the insurance for the building will not cover the tenant’s possessions.

*They Think It Is Too Expensive- Some renters do not purchase insurance because
of the cost. They believe it is too expensive and would rather risk living in the
property without it.

*They Think It’s a Waste of Money- Another reason for not purchasing renter’s insurance is, the tenant simply thinks it is a waste of money. They follow the “what are the chances” mentality with renter’s insurance. They think that there is a slim chance there will be a fire, theft or other incident at their property. They would rather take the risk of something bad happening without being properly insured than paying the money so that they are covered.

5 Benefits of Purchasing Renter’s Insurance
Tenants should purchase renter’s insurance to protect their possessions and to cover them if liability issues arise. It is important to realize that every renter’s insurance policy is different. The tenant must read their policy thoroughly to determine the amount of coverage and what acts and events are covered under their specific policy.

*Affordable- Many tenants are hesitant about purchasing renter’s insurance because of the cost. It can actually be very affordable. Most renter’s insurance policies run between $100 and $200 a year. The cost will vary depending on factors such as amount of coverage and the location of the property.

*Liability Coverage- Having the proper renter’s insurance policy can help protect a tenant if an accident occurs in their unit. For example, if a guest comes over and slips and falls in the property, most renter’s insurance policies offer liability protection that would cover the tenant for this incident. The amount of protection will depend on the terms of the individual policy.

*Fire or Wind Coverage- A renter’s insurance policy can offer a tenant protection if their possessions are lost or damaged by a fire or from wind damage, such as a tree falling on the property. Depending on the policy the tenant chooses, they can either receive an actual cash value for their possessions or the replacement cost. Replacement cost policies are usually slightly more expensive.

*Theft Coverage- By choosing a renter’s policy the tenant can also be covered if
there is a theft or burglary at their property. Again, the amount and type of coverage
will depend on their individual policy.

*An Additional Layer of Protection for You- When a tenant has renter’s insurance, it is an additional layer of protection for you, the landlord. If there is an accident in their unit or their negligence causes damage to the property, their renter’s insurance policy will be targeted first. This can prevent you from having to file a claim with your insurance company.

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