Explanation of the Rental Application Process

Ways to Apply

  • Deca’s office: 9630 Gravois Road, St. Louis, MO 63123
  • Online at www.decarealty.com

Application Cost

  • $45 per adult applicant (anyone 18 of age and over)
  • Application fee(s) are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • The application fee covers the cost of processing your application and obtaining your credit report

Methods of Payment

  • Exact cash
  • Money order
  • Personal check or cashier’s check
  • Credit card (only accepted through online application)

Required Documents

  • Valid photo ID
  • Proof of Income (i.e. 3 most recent paystubs, SSI award letter, etc.)

Once the application, all required documents, and application fee are received Deca Property Management will submit your application to Resident Research (a third party used to obtain credit, criminal, rental, and employment background). Once submitted for processing Resident Research makes every effort to process the application within 3-5 business days. After Resident Research has completed the credit, criminal, rental and employment background checks a member of our team will contact you regarding the decision of your application within 24 hours.

Find a Rental Property and Schedule a Viewing

Do not schedule a viewing unless you pre-qualify based on our rental criteria.


Go on our website, decarealty.com to look at our available properties for rent and to schedule a viewing.


Call our office 314-631-3306 (Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30) for assistance finding a property.

Call our scheduling line 314-310-0323 (available 24/7) to schedule a viewing.


Come to our office located at 9630 Gravois Rd St. Louis, MO 63123 (Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30) and we would be happy to assist you in person.

Our property listings are always being updated. Properties are being rented and new properties are being added daily. Keep an eye on our website for new listings!

Renter Application Processing Time:

An orange number 1
Completing Application

Processing the application by Deca starts ONLY when all necessary paperwork is received and the application fee is paid.

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Processing Application

Deca makes every effort to process applications within 3-5 business days of receipt.

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Applicant Responsibility

It is the applicant’s responsibility to help us secure the necessary information from previous and present landlords, employers and other references. Deca will make a reasonable attempt to contact previous and current landlord(s) submitted by applicant; however, the ultimate responsibility for supplying this information to Deca lies with the applicant. Deca reserves the right to deny tenancy based on inability to contact the references provided.

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Processing Time

You are always welcome to check on the status of your application if you have not received a response within 3 business days of submission by calling Resident Research at 1-800-566-2320

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Checking Application Status

Once the application process is complete, a decision will be made within 24 hours.

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Jan 13, 2021
Deca Property Management, LLC
I like to think Jenny Koeln for helping to rent a home.She a good Property Manager Assistant and i would recommend her to my friend.
Jan 12, 2021
Deca Property Management, LLC
I love deca I've always haf great experience with them i will recommend deca always thanks deca for making me a happy tenant
Jan 12, 2021
Deca Property Management, LLC
I love Deca Realty Company they are very nice and friendly and helpful Company to buy or rent a home from
Jan 10, 2021
Deca Property Management, LLC
Communication has been easy to manage and all responses have been prompt. We really appreciate it!
Jan 9, 2021
Google Deca Property Management, LLC
Deca is a great management company, everyone was professional, courteous, helpful and responded to everything quickly. My previous company left me a little salty so I was skeptical about dealing with a new management company. They have totally put the customer and went above and beyond helping me.

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