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In today’s digital world, nothing is more important than simplicity and easy access to information. Property owners should have instant access to all important information regarding their investment property. At Deca Property Management we offer an online owner’s portal that will change the way that you control your properties.

Online Property Management

A “portal” is a secure application linked to your Propertyware account to provide owners and residents’ access to their relevant account information online. The biggest benefit of using an online portal is real time reporting and instant access to information 24/7. Property owners can view live data reporting for the month that continues to change as the data changes. These reports consist of:

  • Income statements
  • Rent roll
  • Expense detail
  • Accounts payable
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow summary
  • Open work orders
  • Unpaid bills

By using an online portal, there is no more guesswork involved with your investment property. You have the ability to maintain total control over your financial performance of any of your properties anytime anywhere. Also, when you activate your portal, you will receive email notifications each time your resident or management team enters a work order for your property. So not only do you have access to real time data, but real time maintenance activity as well.

Online Property Management System

Through your owner’s portal, you can have conversations with your property manager team. This helps us (property management companies) respond quicker and documents each conversation. Deca can pay almost any bill, including mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, utilities, grounds care, repairs, etc. All the owner must do is have sufficient funds in their account through their online portal before any checks are issued. Through your portal, you are also able to add funds to your account without ever having to send a check.

Residents Portal

Your residents will have access to an online rental portal of their own. The most common features that residents have access to online are:

  • Submitting service requests
  • Make online payments
  • Give notice to vacate
  • Allow residents to view ledger
  • Record changes to contact info as a note
  • Have conversations with the property management team

The resident’s portal will help keep communication with your residents documented and all in one place. Your residents will have instant access to information that should answer most of their questions and allow them to make payments and maintenance requests easily.

Property Management Services

If you are looking for a property management firm to help you manage your investment properties, Deca is here to help. Deca has been one of the top property management companies in the St. Louis area since 1990. We provide thorough resident screening, extensive marketing and advertising, 24/7 maintenance and transparent accounting and financial reporting. Open communication and access to information are important ingredients to successful property management. We believe in transparency and putting real time information at your fingertips. Deca’s online owner’s portal will change the way that you control your properties and communicate with your property managers.