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How the St. Louis Eviction Process Works For Landlords

Evictions are not ideal. The time and money spent is a hassle more than anything. But, they do happen from time to time, and if you have the unfortunate luck of being a part of a St. Louis eviction, it is essential that you’re prepared for the process and its legal requirements.

Reasons for Eviction in St. Louis

According to Missouri’s eviction laws, a landlord may evict a tenant for any of these following reasons:

  • Damage to the rental property
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Violation of the terms of the lease
  • Attacking and injuring another tenant or landlord
  • Allowing drug-related criminal activity on the premises
  • Failure to move out at the end of the lease term
  • Illegal gambling on the property
  • Allowing a person to reside in the property who is not on the lease

While all of these are legal and acceptable reasons to evict a tenant, most evictions happen because a tenant has not paid rent.

Understanding Different Types of Evictions

As a St. Louis landlord, you also need to be aware of the different types of evictions that are possible. There are three different types that can impact you as a rental property owner:

  • Rent-and-possession eviction
  • Unlawful detainer eviction
  • Expedited eviction

The eviction process can be very time consuming and difficult. Even if you have all of your documentation in place and it seems like a simple matter to you, the court system is complex. Each eviction is a little different because how you proceed depends on the situation, the tenant, and the property.

Hire a St. Louis Property Manager

Hire a St. Louis Property ManagerIt’s a lot of work. A professional St. Louis property management company can take care of that for you, and it’s a good way to protect yourself and your investment. Property managers understand what’s required in an eviction, and can save you the time and hassle of having to deal with the eviction and court process yourself.

Not only are professional property managers excellent at managing an eviction, we can also prevent an eviction from becoming a reality. We have the tools and resources to avoid lease violations and missing rent. For example, your property manager will place a better tenant. At Deca, we pride ourselves in finding the best tenant. Our thorough screening process allows us to find highly qualified applicants so evictions will not become an issue.

When scheduling showings, we take the opportunity to verify income level, check for criminal history, and ensure there are no previous evictions. In doing that, we weed out all qualified applicants early on. Once a prospect formally applies, our application team meticulously screens the applicants to make sure they meet our strict requirements so they do not become a problem for you.

It is extremely important to pick a property management company that will properly screen and choose tenants with the lowest probability of an eviction. We do these things extremely well, so if you need help managing or avoiding an eviction, contact us at Deca Realty.