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For Investors Looking to Grow their Portfolios, Consider the Saint Louis Real Estate Market

Real estate investments require you to think about your long term and your short term financial goals. If you don’t have established goals and a clear strategy for achieving those goals, you’re not going to know how to look for the right opportunities and where you should buy your next rental home.

We have been helping investors manage their assets in the St. Louis rental market for years, and we have found that real wealth is created when you grow your investment portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you have one property or 10; consistently adding assets will give you an opportunity to earn more.

If you’re looking to grow your portfolio, we think St. Louis is an excellent option.

The Price is Right: Get More for Your Money with St. Louis Investments

The St. Louis rental market is strong and growing, and it’s an ideal place for investors to acquire new assets. Prices are a lot lower here than they are in other metropolitan markets, and you’ll get a lot more for your money than in cities along the eastern seaboard or out on the west coast. We’re poised for growth economically, and while it doesn’t take a huge investment to enter the St. Louis market, the value of your property is likely to grow quickly.

Developing St. Louis Communities

Developing St. Louis CommunitiesThis market hasn’t always been attractive to real estate investors, and it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of challenging neighborhoods in and around the city, but these areas of full of potential residents who need homes. There’s an opening for enterprising investors interested in gentrification and community building.

St. Louis is diverse and that means there are opportunities to earn high ROI in neighborhoods desperate for housing. There are also affluent communities with new construction homes and condos and well-maintained properties that attract outstanding tenants who are likely to stay in place for the long term and help take care of the home.

Owners who are interested in renovating low-end properties to earn more on them in the long term are especially well-suited for this market. If you spend the money to improve a property, a building, and a community, you’ll have higher rents and more stable tenants.

One of the neighborhoods we’re especially excited about is Tower Grove. It’s an example of the opportunities a market like St. Louis offers to local and out of state investors. Lots of businesses and institutions have relocated to this area, and people enjoy exploring the botanical gardens. There’s an IKEA, a huge research facility creating jobs, tech companies, and plenty of corporate housing. It’s an ideal place to buy.

We recommend that you find something that fits your investment portfolio, and then commit to the Buy and Hold strategy. The longer you hold onto your St. Louis investment property, the more you stand to earn on that rental home.

We know the market and we can help with the leasing, management, and maintenance of any of the properties you decide to buy. Our team can help you with the entire investment experience, from acquisition to management to sale. Contact us at Deca Property Management.