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Hiring Deca Realty for St. Louis Property Management

As an investor who has purchased a rental property, your due diligence is done.

You know what you can expect with the return on your new investment, you know the cap rate and what your long-term potential profit will be. All the closing papers are signed and your dream has come true. You get to sit back and collect rent while your tenants take the utmost care of your property. You retire to the beach in Florida and the tenant continues to occupy your property forever.


Well, if only it was that easy.

Investment Property Owner’s Reality Check

Here is the reality check.

After a couple of months, there’s a chance that your tenant will stop paying the rent, and you’ll hear excuse after excuse for why it’s never on time. Or, you’ll receive frequent calls at 3:00 in the morning to report issues like running toilets.

Maybe your tenants will be displeased with the way you respond (or don’t respond). They might decide to move out without telling you, leaving your property vacant, neglected, and possibly even damaged. This unexpected vacancy means you’re not receiving any rental income and now you have to spend the time and money look for a new tenant – hopefully one that performs better.

You might ask yourself how to escape this nightmare. If you live in St. Louis, we have a suggestion:

You pick up the phone and you call Deca Realty, your licensed St. Louis property management company since 1990.

Why You Can Rely on Deca Realty

Deca will not waste any time. We will get started right away to determine the market rate for your property and get your home ready for a great tenant to move in. Our team will expertly market and advertise your property on all the most popular rental websites. We’ll attract the most qualified prospects and answer any questions that they have about your home and its lease requirements.

Our tenant screening process is rigorous and consistent, designed to ensure only tenant who pay rent on time, follow lease terms, and take care of homes will qualify for your rental. Once we find a tenant who meets our strict rental guidelines, we will negotiate the lease terms and move the tenant in.

After the new tenant moves in, our job is only beginning. We stay on top of all the industry’s best practices. We will ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws. You can count on us to collect rent on-time and enforce your lease. We take care of routine and emergency maintenance, and we pay the bills that are related to your property. Our experienced bookkeeping team will take care of all your required accounting services, ensuring your reports and statements are accurate and easy to read. We do this for you while remaining available and accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Hiring Deca Realty for St. Louis Property ManagementIf you do not have the time, expertise, maintenance skills, or patience to handle your rental property on your own, you should consider an experienced St. Louis property management company. Please contact us at Deca Realty. Peace of mind and low blood pressure are among the perks of hiring our team at Deca Realty.