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Christmas Past

 Do you remember when you were younger and you weren’t the one with all the stress of shopping for gifts?  You just woke up on Christmas morning, ran downstairs, and there were lots of presents with your name on them wrapped under the tree.  How amazing that was!!!

Maybe you had given “Santa” a list….and you couldn’t wait to tear into your presents to see if he had, in fact, brought what you asked for.  A new bike, a guitar, Twister or a Barbie Camper….may have been on your coveted list back in the day.

Christmas Present

What would your list look like now?  If you could have one personal item just for you…..what would it be?   Maybe you’re still into board games and would want this year’s hottest game, or maybe you’re hobby is cooking and you’ve always wanted a Mixmaster….or you love golf and you need a new putter.   Or would you prefer to pamper yourself with a nice perfume or a massage?   Deca Realty wants to see what our tenants want from Santa.  Fill out the wish list below with a specific item on your letter to Santa.


Christmas Future

One lucky tenant will receive their Christmas wish! Drawing will be held on December 21, 2018 at noon. Total value of gift cannot exceed $200.


Please submit your Christmas wish through your tenant portal conversations. Call Jenny @ 314-296-5315 if you have any questions or need assistance setting up your portal.