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Expert Solutions for St Louis Landlords: Property Management Walk-Through Service FAQs - Article Banner

If you’re investing in St. Louis rental properties, you understand the financial benefits available to you. Investment homes provide consistent and recurring income every month and there’s also a huge potential for an impressive return on investment (ROI) over the long term. When you hold onto your property and keep it well-maintained and occupied with great residents, your ROI increases. You build equity and the value of your asset increases. All while your residents are paying down your mortgage. 

There are a lot of risks, too. The investors and owners we work with count on us to protect them from potential liabilities and to ensure their properties are compliant with all habitability standards as well as state and federal laws. 

At Deca Property Management, we provide comprehensive leasing, management, and maintenance services. One of the most important services we provide is a walk-through service that’s designed to protect you, your residents, and your St. Louis investment property

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions around our walk-through services. Check out these St. Louis landlord FAQs and if your own question isn’t on here, please get in touch. We’ll happily talk through it with you. 

St. Louis Landlord FAQs: What You Need to Know

Q: What Is Deca Property Management’s walk-through program?

A: Our walk-through services protect your investment property. Conducting a thorough rental property inspection while your property is occupied ensures there’s no deferred or unreported damage. It’s also a good way to ensure your residents are meeting their lease obligations. 

Q: Is the walk-through program a requirement to work with you?

A: No. We do not require you to invest in this service. You can work with us in any capacity that serves your needs. However, we always encourage our owners to take advantage of this preventative and proactive service that preserves the condition of your investment and keeps your residents accountable for the property. You won’t have to worry about a hard sell. But, if you’re looking for a great way to protect the value and condition of your investment, this is perhaps the best way to do that.

Q: How often do you conduct a walk-through?

A: We recommend every six months. We conduct an interior and exterior walk-through of your investment property, alerting your residents to our planned visit. 

Q: What do you look for during the walk-through process?

A: During our walk-through, we’re enforcing your lease. We’ll confirm resident performance and accountability. We’ll also make a note of any deferred maintenance needs. We’ll look for opportunities to make cost-effective improvements that will raise your rent, attract better residents, and increase your property value. On the outside of the property, we’re looking at tuck-pointing, gutters, landscaping, surface deterioration, and any windows or doors that may be broken or flawed. We inspect the paint and the structures. Inside the property, we’re focused on ceilings and walls. We’re searching for potential leaks and evaluating cleanliness. Common areas are also inspected, including basements and garages. 

Q: How will I know what you’ve found?

A: You can expect a detailed and accurate property condition report, including photos, that identifies important things and makes recommendations about moving forward. 

Q: What does this service cost? 

A: We charge a $75 fee for each walk-through, per unit. It’s competitive and cost-effective, and we’re proud that we can deliver so much value for so little money to our investors and owners. Most of the property owners we work with understand the worth of this investment. When you have our team walking through your properties every six months, you know you’re potentially saving thousands of dollars on expensive repairs and needless deterioration. There will be far fewer emergencies because of our preventative inspections. You’ll know your resident is following the terms of the lease and you’ll know your property is in the best shape it can be. This will help us make decisions about lease renewals and plan for long-term maintenance expenses down the road.

Our walk-through program, helps St. Louis landlords protect their investment and keep their residents accountable. By conducting regular inspections and providing detailed property condition reports, we help landlords make informed decisions and plan for long-term maintenance expenses. Ultimately, investing in our walk-through program can help landlords save thousands of dollars on costly repairs and preserve the value of their assets for years to come.

Contact Property ManagementWe hope these St. Louis property walk-through FAQs were helpful. If you’d like to explore any of these topics further, please contact us at Deca Property Management.