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Whether you live around the corner or across the country from your rental property, the benefits of using a qualified property management company like Deca Realty are numerous. Here’s a list of what the Deca Realty Management Team does to protect your investment.

We Find Great Tenants

At Deca Realty, we know maintaining quality occupancy is the key to your success, and ours. Because we take care of tenant screening, you don’t have to spend your private time reviewing applications or show properties. In a building with multiple units, this can be a time-consuming, ongoing process. Our property management company handles all these details for you. From handling phone calls from prospects, to showing properties, to reviewing paperwork, Deca Realty manages the entire application process start-to-finish.

We Minimize Vacancies

Our careful screening process helps to minimize vacancies. Additionally, our management team follows the rental market carefully, to make sure you receive the optimal rental rate. We also market your properties through our website and through social media platforms. We post your listing on Craigslist twice per week. And we advertise on more than 50 websites including Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads and more.

 We Deal Directly with Tenants

When you hire Deca Realty to manage your property, you hand over the daily tenant issues to us. No more middle-of-the-night plumbing calls. We handle all the tenant issues that would otherwise take up your time. Our management team fields complaints, handles maintenance calls, collects rent. If necessary, we also issue warnings for lease violations. When necessary, our management team acts as a liaison between you and the tenant.

In addition to communicating with your tenants, we also communicate with any service providers you might need. Most of the usual maintenance can be accomplished through our Deca Maintenance Division. However, sometimes additional services are needed to prepare a unit for a new tenant. Our management team can also oversee any repairs or upgrades to your property.

We Keep Things Organized

We know you invest in rental property to make money. When you use Deca Realty, we track the expenses associated with your property, making things a little person holding keyeasier at tax time. You can also claim the professional services of Deca Realty as a tax deduction. Consult with your tax specialist for more information.

We Make it Easy

The list of everyday responsibilities for a property manager is lengthy and detailed. When you hire Deca Realty to manage your property, you hand that list to us. With decades of experience in the business, we manage your property safely and efficiently. Hand us the keys and we’ll hand you back your freedom and peace of mind.