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When Jeff came to Deca Property Management 8 years ago he was looking for a company to handle the daily responsibilities of being a landlord. A seasoned businessman, he thought he could easily manage the demands of being a landlord and ensure he was getting the right resident, for the right price, and keep them satisfied in their home. But the reality was, selecting the proper resident, getting a fair market value for rent, handling maintenance needs and, not to mention, keeping it rented continuously, takes a certain skill set.

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Upon first sitting down with Jeff we ran a custom report on his property to determine a fair market value for rent based upon the housing market demands and inventory. As it turns out, Jeff was not currently getting top dollar for his units. Jeff was getting $3,400 per month when he should have been getting $4,000 per month.

 “I’ve had the property for a while and thought I knew the market and the value of my property.  I was surprised to learn after going through the custom report on my property that I was leaving money on the table when it came to rent.” said Jeff L.

Our custom report, takes away any uncertainty about what the unit can rent for because we are looking at the neighborhood, recent rental comps, market demand and, of course, the features of the home – has it been recently renovated, does it have a garage, is it in a highly-sought after school district? We use all this data to determine, and justify, your rent price. Once we established the right price, we use our robust marketing strategy to promote the property to potential residents.

At Deca Property Management we have a marketing team dedicated to promoting your property through multiple touchpoints: Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, our Deca Property Management site and as many as 50 other online locations. In addition to this, we use our own social media accounts and email marketing to promote new properties to our highly engaged audience. This, combined with signage at the location, gives your property exceptional visibility to those looking for a new home. We are so confident in our marketing and leasing that we offer a lease time guarantee.

Once potential residents are interested in seeing your property, we have specialized leasing reps on hand ready to schedule and show the units and answer any questions about the property. This takes a big burden off you, as the landlord, so you do not have to start and stop your day with each showing. From there, we handle all necessary background and credit checks on the potential residents and draft up the lease agreements and any necessary documents to ensure a smooth transition into the home.

“The time I was able to save by having Deca handle the entire process of showing the property, selecting a highly qualified tenant and then handling all the necessary paperwork and documentation was invaluable. Not to mention, how quickly they get the property rented.  In the past, my days would be completely occupied with showings and paperwork. Now with Deca, I don’t worry about it anymore, I know it’s in good hands and being taken care of professionally and with integrity.”

While getting a qualified resident is part of our job, the other is providing exceptional maintenance services for routine and emergent situations. Any landlord knows, at some point, a maintenance call is going to happen. One of the many perks to partnering with Deca Property Management is that we have a sister company Aced Maintenance who can service the properties on behalf of the landlord. Aced Maintenance provides preventative maintenance but also has staff on call 24/7 to handle emergent situations such as no heat, flooding, power outage, etc. The last thing any landlord wants is a call at midnight to come fix a circuit breaker, our experienced team has seen it all in 30+ years and is a great partner in these situations.

Some additional services Deca provides include:
  • Rent collection
  • Bill pay
  • Make readies

In the 8 years that Jeff has been working with Deca he calculated the return on his investment has averaged over 25% per year.  This calculation come from:

  • An increase in monthly rent
  • Reduced time on the market
  • Using Aced Maintenance for preventative maintenance which avoids large- ticket expenses in the long term

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