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Knowing the Tenant Rules is the beginning of creating a good tenant history. And a good tenant history will be important for the future. You can see the Deca Realty Tenant Rules on our website, but here are some general recommendations about living in a Deca Realty Property.

As property managers, it’s our responsibility at Deca Realty to make sure our tenants live in a safe, clean environment. However, tenants have responsibilities too. It’s a good idea to think about what you can do to be a good renter. Maintaining your living space and following the Tenant Rules is a good start. 

Tenant Rules Help to Prevent Misunderstandings

Cultivating a good relationship with your landlord can be especially beneficial when you are trying to establish credit. Your Tenant Rules clearly explain the responsibilities and expectations of both parties. Understanding these rules will help to prevent misunderstandings and costly mistakes.

Tenant Rules will outline things you can and cannot do, such as keeping a pet or subletting. So it’s really important to know exactly what the rules are.

Be Considerate

In general, be considerate of the others who share your space. This might mean keeping your noise level down, or cleaning up after your pet. Good references are earned. Your landlord cannot recommend you if your neighbors are constantly calling to complain about inconsiderate behavior. Think of the type of neighbor you would want living next door, then try to be that person.

Parking spaces are an area where tenants are particularly territorial. An assigned dedicated parking space means only one person is permitted to park there. Please don’t park in a space that isn’t assigned to you. Coming home from the grocery store to find your dedicated parking spot filled by someone else can be very frustrating. If you have guests, please make sure they aren’t parking in an assigned tenant spot. Respecting parking privileges will go a long way towards maintaining harmony with your neighbors.

Try not to argue with your neighbors over trivial things. The more conflicts you can resolve without involving your landlord, the better.

Maintenance Requests

Anything structural, electrical, or plumbing-oriented must be handled by our 24-hour Deca Realty Maintenance Staff. You can make a maintenance staff request through the tenant portal. For smaller things, like hanging curtains or pictures, try to manage it on your own, or with the help of a friend. Again, please make sure you understand the Tenant Rules before making even the smallest change to the property you rent.

Pay Your Rent On Time

The most important thing you can do to create goodwill with your landlord and be a good tenant, is to pay your rent on time. Again, this is paramount if you are trying to establish credit. Landlords do not want to extend a lease or tenancy agreement to a tenant who has a pattern of not paying, or being late with rent. If you have established this kind of pattern, it will be difficult to find acceptable living accomodations. 

Property owners have thousands of dollars invested in their rental properties. More and more landlords are using credit history, tenant history, stable employment etc. as part of their criteria when extending a lease or tenancy agreement for their rental property. Knowing and following your Tenant Rules will be important for your future.