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How to Handle Maintenance like a Professional St. Louis Property Manager

At Deca Property Management, we have a standard phrase that we find motivates everyone on our team:

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.

This speaks to the way we do business in every department when we’re providing St. Louis property management services. It’s especially valuable when it comes to maintenance. Over the years, we have tried and improved several different ways to take care of maintenance. We know that your investment property needs continual attention to maintenance, and we’ve worked hard to ensure routine maintenance is handled appropriately, emergency maintenance receives immediate attention, and the value of your investment property continues to grow.

Balancing In-House Maintenance with Outside Vendors

When it comes to maintaining your St. Louis rental property, we focus on two things: protecting the condition of your property and keeping all work cost-effective.

To do this, we’ve found that we need to create balance between our in-house maintenance services that our talented technicians provide and the specialty work that only our outside vendors can provide. This balance allows us to offer our owners the highest quality work for the most affordable prices.

When we are deciding whether you send an in-house maintenance tech or an outside vendor, we consider these key things:

  • What kind of skill sets and tools are required to properly execute the repair?
  • Will the required materials need to be purchased from a store or do our preferred vendors have them available right now on their trucks?
  • How urgent is this repair? Do you we have the capacity to take care of it in the appropriate time frame or will it be done faster by outsourcing?

Finally, we consider tenant expectations because we know that the best way to avoid vacancy and turnover is by providing responsive maintenance services.

Choosing Our Preferred Vendors

Usually, we can send our in-house team to take care of routine maintenance issues. They can quickly respond to emergencies as well to diagnose the problem and mitigate any further damage. Our maintenance staff is responsive and effective, and they treat your tenants with respect and care. These professionals are our first resource when we need to perform renovations on your property or to make cost-effective updates and upgrades before listing it on the market.

When we’re choosing our outside vendors and contractors, we have a strict screening process that ensures we’re only working with licensed, insured professionals who we can trust.

Any time a maintenance request comes in, we take ownership of determining how it’s going to be handled. We look at what works for your budget and we look at what will be most effective when it comes to making the repair quickly and correctly.

When we outsource our maintenance work, it doesn’t mean that we have less to manage. Actually, using outside vendors and contractors requires a dedicated and knowledgeable staff member to follow up with both tenants and vendors, and to ensure that the proper steps are taken. Communication is consistent until the repair is complete and both the tenant and our owners are satisfied.

How to Handle Maintenance like a Professional St. Louis Property ManagerWhether your repairs are performed by our in-house maintenance staff or our network of outsourced vendors, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we stand by that work and we have full confidence in how it will be performed.

If you’d like to talk more about how we maintain your St. Louis rental property, please contact us at Deca Property Management.