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One of the big benefits of hiring a property manager, is for knowledge of the law, specifically the Fair Housing Act. At Deca Property Management, our staff is well versed in the federal landlord tenant law, local landlord tenant law, and landlord tenant law in Missouri. All of which dictate the relationship between tenants and landlords. Here are just a few of the responsibilities we manage for you.

Property Maintenance

We must, by law, make sure your property is in working order. If repairs are not completed for things like furnaces, plumbing or air conditioners, tenants can withhold rent. Repairs that aren’t completed in a timely manner could lead to a possible injury or illness. Responding to property maintenance requests, quickly and professionally, protects everyone.

At Deca Property Management, we make it easy for tenants to contact us at the very first sign of a problem, and we encourage them to do so. Through our website, they can submit a maintenance request directly to our office. We’ve found this system to be convenient for our tenants, and efficient for our office and property maintenance team.

Landlord Tenant Communication

Beginning with the application, or even an advertisement, landlord tenant communication must be in compliance with anti-discrimination laws at all times. And during an interview with a potential tenant, there are certain questions that are not allowed by law. Failure to understand anti-discrimination laws can be a costly mistake.

Once an application has been submitted, we can legally reject an applicant because of a bad credit history, bad references from previous landlords, a bad payment history, or any other information that makes them a bad risk. But we cannot reject them for reasons based on their race, religion, national origin, sex, familial status or physical or mental disability. These categories are protected under federal law.

If we have to evict a tenant for failure to pay rent, there is a carefully dictated legal process for that as well. Failure to follow the process, exactly, can create lengthy delays. Having a property management company that understands the rules and procedures surrounding landlord tenant communication protects you, the owner.

At Deca Property Management, we document all aspects of our tenant relationships. It makes things less complicated when all parties are clear on their responsibilities. Documentation protects everyone, in the event of a disagreement.

Security Deposit Refund

Most disputes between tenants and landlords revolve around security deposits. Specifically in regards to security deposit refunds. Missouri State Law limits deposit amounts to two months. And a security deposit refund must be issued within 30 days, after the tenant has moved out. Documentation really helps these processes run more smoothly. We use checklists when tenants move in and out, to avoid misunderstandings.

Rent Payment Management

Hassle-free rent payment management is another big reason to hire Deca Property Management. Sometimes collecting rent involves more than depositing a check. Raising the rent on your property is also governed by Missouri. In our state the law also regulates how late a rent payment can be, before a landlord may take action.

Peace of Mind

As you already know, housing is a regulated business, just like any other. Beginning with the first contact with a potential tenant, we do everything in compliance with the landlord tenant law in Missouri. Landlords who don’t follow the law could face penalties, or even legal action. When you hire Deca Property Management, you get the benefit of our decades of knowledge and experience in property management.