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Homeowner associations are growing across the country, including the St. Louis real estate market. More and more homebuyers are finding themselves in HOA communities, and investors are also renting out homes within these associations.

Managing an HOA can be complex, and it requires and experienced and objective approach that considers the needs of the board as well as the homeowners throughout the community.

If you’re serving on an HOA board yourself, consider the expertise and the automation that a professional management company can provide.

Why Work with an HOA Management Company in St. Louis

Most of the HOA boards in St. Louis are self-managed by volunteer members of the community. This requires a lot of time, and it can also put you in an awkward position with your neighbors. You’re responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the association.

HOA board have a lot of authority, but they also have a lot of responsibilities. If you’re not sure about all the work that’s required, you could find yourself unprepared for the meetings, correspondence, financial oversight, and rental property maintenance that’s necessary to keep an HOA running smoothly.

A management company provides some breathing room for HOA board members, in addition to the experience and the resources that your community needs.

Benefits of HOA Property Management in St. Louis

A professional St. Louis property management company that works with HOAs can provide a number of advantages. We offer solutions that can help you solve some of the major problems that have faced your community for years or are new, thanks to the changing market dynamic and the local economic picture.

A professional management company will understand current HOA laws. You won’t have to scramble to keep up with what an HOA can and cannot do in terms of enforcement, liens, and collection activities. When you work with an experienced management company that has helped HOAs like yours, you can count on them knowing the current industry trends and best practices. Keeping up with these innovative methods for handling complaints and demands can really improve your HOA’s relationship with homeowners in the community.

Your management company should have experience, processes, and systems already in place to handle everything from maintenance to budgeting. Detailed financials will be accurate, transparent, and easy to access. You can ask your management company to help with board meetings and with vendor referrals for everything from landscaping to roofing.

HOA Communication

Communication is more important than ever in homeowner associations. Volunteer HOA board members often find themselves struggling to find the right way to communicate with homeowners. Your management company can facilitate smooth communication, making your board more responsive and your homeowners more receptive.

In addition to more organized and consistent messaging, you can count on a professional association management company to provide the technology that facilitates better communication. You’ll see this in everything from financial reports to online documentation and social media platforms. It’s a better way for your HOA to do business.

Property management relationshipWe work with associations of all sizes. When you need some help with your St. Louis HOA, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Deca Property Management.