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St. Louis Landlord FAQs to Properly Navigate Legal Requirements - Article Banner

Keeping you compliant with habitability requirements is a big part of what we do. You cannot wait to repair water heaters and furnaces. Your residents need running water, heat in the winter, and a functional sewer system. That’s why Deca Property Management has a policy in place to ensure that water heater and HVAC repairs are addressed in the appropriate timeframe to comply with local requirements. 

We get a lot of questions about legal compliance as well. The rental market has shifted and residents are more informed than ever. They know what they’re entitled to, and that means you need to know what’s required of you. 

Here are some of the most common legal questions we get from owners. 

Q: What is the Warranty of Habitability?

A: The Warranty of Habitability is a legal concept that requires landlords to provide their 

tenants with a rental property that is safe, healthy, and livable. This means that the 

property must be free from dangerous conditions that could cause harm to the 

tenant’s health or safety. Examples of conditions that could violate the Warranty of 

Habitability includes:

  • Lack of heat or hot water
  • Pest infestations
  • Mold growth
  • Structural defects
  • Plumbing problems
  • Electrical issues
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Inadequate lighting

Q: What do I need to know about fair housing?

A: Fair housing laws protect residents from discrimination. We carefully write our marketing to avoid unintentional discrimination. We also screen residents against a consistent set of qualifying rental criteria to ensure everyone is treated the same.

Q: What are the security deposit rules?

A: In Missouri, security deposits cannot be more than the equivalent of two times the 

monthly rent. The landlord has 30 days from receipt of property possession to return the 

security deposit with an itemized list of damages for any portion of the deposit withheld. We 

make sure to follow the laws and protect you from security deposit disputes. 

Q: What if a resident doesn’t pay rent?

A: We have a strict rent collection policy in place. Eviction is always a last resort for us, but if residents do not pay what is owed and they refuse to communicate with us, we take the necessary legal steps toward eviction. 

Q: What are the legal procedures for terminating a lease?

A: In St. Louis, landlords can terminate a lease for several reasons, including non-payment of rent, lease violations, or expiration of the lease term. However, landlords must provide tenants with proper notice before terminating the lease, according to Missouri state law. The notice period and requirements can vary depending on the reason for termination, so it’s essential to consult with an attorney or property management company to ensure compliance with the law.

Q: How much notice does a landlord need to provide before terminating a lease?

A: The notice period required for lease termination in St. Louis depends on the reason for termination. For non-payment of rent, landlords must provide tenants with at least 10 days’ notice before filing an eviction lawsuit. For lease violations, landlords must provide tenants with written notice of the violation and a specified amount of time to remedy the situation (usually around 30 days unless a cure period is stated in the lease). For lease expiration, no notice is required, but it’s recommended that landlords provide tenants with notice of the lease end date at least 30 days in advance.

Work with Property Management CompanyWorking with a professional St. Louis property management company can deliver a lot of peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with the laws because we do it for you. We also keep a close eye on your investment, ensuring it’s safe, habitable, and earning what it should. 

We hope these St. Louis landlord FAQs were helpful. If you’d like to explore any of these topics further, please contact us at Deca Property Management.